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Hi! I am Henna Wang, a multimedia artist and Co-founder of Gesso. In my art practice, I work at the intersection of art, heritage and technology. For Gesso, I lead on partnerships and design. 


An art historian and sociologist deeply interested in human creativity and connection.

My mother grew up during the cultural revolution. I think because of the radical lack of access, she immersed me in culture at a young age. I grew up going to museums and libraries, my parents took me on every international trip they took since I was born. They moved me from Pittsburgh to Taipei, then back to the States again. Growing up between two cultures was at times confusing, but mostly thrilling. Each move challenged me to adapt quickly within public school systems. When it came time to decide on what to major in college, it's no surprise that I landed on Art History and International Relations (later switched to Economics.)

I changed jobs a lot in my 20s, perhaps many fellow millennials could relate, but all those jobs have undoubtedly shaped my most important role yet--- as Co-CEO and Co-founder of Gesso.

Gesso is a primer for the world's most fascinating places. Our mobile platform offers location x audio pairings. What initially started as a museum mobile guide solution has expanded into something that stretches far beyond museum walls. 

Our mission is to democratize storytelling through diverse and engaging perspectives. This is something I care about deeply, and is my way of beginning to address inequality, by creating empathy and spreading inspiration.

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While my VO needs some work, some people say I have a nice radio voice

-- Fluent in Mandarin, English and high school French

-- Curious, observant, enthusiastic and relentless; latest Myers Briggs is ENFP


-- Periodically creative and express through painting, textiles, metalwork and Audio AR

-- Perfect is the enemy of done

-- Must travel to unfamiliar places every so often or I get stir crazy

-- I'm married to my work, so much that I've married one of my co-founders!

To get in touch, write to

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